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03rd Feb 2021

Nit outbreak at home? These products are our go-to treatments you need to use


Brought to you by Hedrin. 

We don’t need nits in our life right now.

The kids are at home and the last thing you need is some creepy crawly extra friends joining them on their head. Honestly, home schooling is stressful enough, who needs nits during this time? Absolutely nobody.

Have no fear because we have the perfect products to protect your little ones when they need it most, and did you know that preventing lice is just as important as treating the nasty little things?

Hedrin truly has everything you need on what can be, let’s face it, quite an unpleasant journey.

Hedrin Once is the fast-acting, liquid gel formulation solution that takes just 15 minutes to work and is clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs with just one application. We adore the sheer ruthlessness of it, straight to the point, absolutely no messing around! Simply apply Hedrin Once over the head while the hair is dry. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse. Then reapply, leave for 15 minutes and rinse again. Finally, apply conditioner, rinse, then dry the hair. Anything that takes 15 minutes and one treatment is a winner in our books.

We all know there’s the chance that our little ones won’t be thrilled about sitting still for too long, if that’s the case have no fear that’s what Hedrin Treat & Go is here for — a fuss-free solution great for those bundles of energy at home that won’t sit still. It’s a water-based treatment that rinses out of hair easily without leaving any greasy residue.

No fuss is exactly what we want to hear when it comes to these types of situations and this product is hardly noticeable on hair so you can apply it in the morning, leave it to dry naturally or with a hairdryer and go about your day… that simple!

All you need to do then is rinse it off in the evening. Alternatively, you can apply it at night time, leave it for at least eight hours overnight and rinse off in the morning.

As we mentioned earlier, did you know that there’s a way to stop the infestation of head lice before it even takes hold? Seeing how adult lice can live for as long as a month with females laying up to 5-6 eggs a day, we have absolutely no time for them to get comfy on our children’s heads so, if you want zero risk then Hedrin Protect & Go is about to become your new best friend.

This product works before any amount of head lice get the chance to settle in. They have absolutely NO right to be here, so we say banish the creepy critters once and for all with these pristine products that will leave your little one’s heads nit-free and poised for good, clean, mischief!

Check out Hedrin’s website here for more information and head to your local pharmacy to buy Hedrin’s super effective products.

Brought to you by Hedrin.