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Family dynamics

09th Oct 2017

Prince Carl and Princess Sofia of Sweden release gorgeous baby photos

Stunning shots of the family

Just beautiful.

The Swedish royal family have released the first photos of their newborn family member, Prince Gabriel.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia took stunning photos with both of their children, Prince Gabriel and Prince Alexander to celebrate their new arrival.

When Gabriel was born in the spring, the parents shared a very casual photo of their baby in his new car seat, however these brand new ones include Gabriel’s brother Alexander, and they are completely precious.

All in colour co-ordinating outfits, the pictures were taken back in September by photographer Erika Geredemark at Sweden’s Gate of the Royal Palace.

The first shot shows all four family members walking together, with Alexander in Sofia’s arms, while Gabriel is all cuddled up in his father’s embrace.

The second photo shows the parents look lovingly into Gabriel’s eyes as he stares back at them.

According to People, the couple said in a statement: “A big and warm thanks for all the kind congratulations in connection with the birth of our son, Prince Gabriel.”

SO cute!