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Family dynamics

15th Mar 2019

Sarah Millican said this gross thing means you love your mum and I want to know if it’s true

Melissa Carton

I’m not sure what to think about this?

Recently while I was watching some stand up by comedian Sarah Millican she came out with a ‘fun fact’ and I’ve been wondering ever since if there’s any truth to it.

The 43-year-old admitted that every time she’s on the phone talking to her mum it makes her need to do a poo.

Not only this, the funny lady went on to say that she put some research into it and it’s a common phenomenon that happens to a lot of people.

Even stranger still it apparently means you really love your mum!

This intrigued me as I wondered if there really was any scientific truth behind it.

Unfortunately, all I found when I put ‘needing to poo when you talk to your mum’ into Google was a load of random articles about potty training and one called ‘why women need to talk about poo’, which I actually gave a read.

Ok, it wasn’t the most extensive research and contacting a medical expert may have come up with better results, but surely if it were true someone would have written a ‘Googleable’ paper on it.

It’s left me feeling quite disappointed and I’m wondering if a tweet to Millican to find out where she found her results on the matter might be in order?

Come on Sarah…spill the details.

To be honest I don’t know what result I wanted as I’ve never particularly felt ‘bathroom bound’ when talking on the phone to anyone let alone my mother.

I suppose the evidence on whether or not this odd fact is true will just have to remain a mystery and really…maybe it’s best left that way.

What do you think? Has talking to your mum ever made you need to dash to the loo or is this all insane?