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Family dynamics

16th Dec 2017

Suranne Jones opens up about the struggles of being a working mum

'They kind of distance themselves.'

Jade Hayden

suranne jones

We can relate.

When she’s not starring in the critically acclaimed Doctor Foster or winning BAFTAs, Suranne Jones likes to spend some time with her baby boy.

However, due to her hectic schedule, it’s not always so easy for the new mum to be with her 21-month-old.

She told the Mirror that she often feels “distant” from her son and that she is looking forward to Christmas when she will get to be around him more often.

“Even though I get time off now – and that’s amazing, and me and my son are doing lots of Christmas sing-alongs and I am going along to all sorts of playgroups – the seven months and theatre before that will be really hard.

“It’s 14 hours and then rushing in to put the baby to bed, or just missing it and then trying to get up at 5am and the baby’s not up until 6am, so you’re just snatching moments.”

“The pressure of trying to be the best in those moments is really hard,” she continued.

“What you end up doing is singing and dancing and doing all sorts of stuff, and the child is going, ‘What are you doing?’ They kind of distance themselves.”

Jones gave birth to her son early last year.

His name has not been made public due to the actress’s wish for privacy.