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Family dynamics

24th Dec 2022

Teacher pens emotional note about what kids actually need for Christmas


This is so moving.

A teacher wrote a letter to parents describing what their children really want for Christmas and it’s not what you think.

There was no mention of Paw Patrol figures or LOL Dolls, in fact, there was very little mention of toys or gifts at all.

How heartwarming is that?

When it comes to Christmas time it’s so easy to spoil our children with presents and treats but what they really want, as the note describes, is free. All they really want is our time.

We get so caught up trying to make our child’s Christmas perfect that we often forget that they already have exactly what they need, us.

They do love the perfectly decorated gifts under the tree, but spending quality time together is what matters most.

Whether it’s going out to see Santa or simply sticking on your favourite festive film on Netflix while drinking hot chocolate, take some time out from worrying and remember that the magic doesn’t come from gifts, it comes from you.