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14th Aug 2018

A teddy bear gets lost in Tesco in this new ad and it’s too much

Jade Hayden

tesco bear

Ah, stop.

If you’ve ever lost a child in the supermarket, you’ll know how harrowing it can be.

The fear, the loneliness, the worry.

And that’s literally nothing compared to what happened when a child loses a toy. Unmitigated horror.

Tesco has managed to portray all of that fear, all of that upset, and all of that joy upon the toy’s return.

… And show what that toy really gets up to in the supermarket when they’re on their own too.

The toy in question is a teddy bear named Cedric and he’s the subject of Tesco’s latest ad campaign.

The inspiration for Cedric’s story comes from the many uplifting stories concerning Tesco employees who go and above and beyond to help customers.

One of those stories was the inspiration behind the video which features a six-year-old girl’s reunion with her lost teddy.

Cedric gets tragically left behind by his owner in the supermarket, and while the employees go above and beyond to get the bear back to his owner, they also have a bit of fun with him before they send him on his way.

And they might as well like, it’s not every day you get to spend your working day with a bear, in fairness.