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Family dynamics

30th Apr 2018

Tom Cruise criticised online for relationship with daughter, Suri

Tom Cruise is being criticised online for his relationship with his daughter, Suri.

The Mission Impossible actor recently shared a photo of himself receiving an award at Cinema Con.

He was being honoured with the Pioneer of the Year award by the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation.

While many people took to Cruise’s page to congratulate him on the award, some other took the time to criticise his relationship with his daughter, Suri.

“Please do it for your daughter,” wrote one person. “My heart is broke.”

“You should start recognising that you have a daughter, just saying,” said another.

Katie Holmes was granted full custody of 11-year-old Suri when she and Cruise were divorced in 2012.

The pair had been married for over five years.

US Weekly recently reported that Cruise and Suri haven’t seen each other for many years, with some sources suggesting that the actor hasn’t spent time with his daughter since his divorce went through.

Cruise has two other children from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.

The pair adopted now 23-year-old Connor and 25-year-old Isabella, who are apparently both scientologists too.

They are said to have a relationship with their father.