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21st Jan 2021

Toy Show’s Adam’s ‘A hug for u’ to light up city centres tonight

Cassie Stokes

We can’t hug in real life but we can virtual hug all we want!

Hugs are going to light up buildings all over Ireland tonight thanks to the brilliant Adam King who appeared on the Late Late Toy Show back in November.

Today is National Hug Day so it’s only right that we give and receive some hugs even if we can’t share the in person, a virtual hug is what we all need right now.

Tonight the young man’s virtual hug sign, will be on show on buildings across Dublin, Cork and Waterford city centres and people are being encouraged to send a hug to someone because we can’t hug in person.

RTE News tweeted: “Adam King’s ‘virtual hug’ sign is set to light up locations across the country this evening. The six-year-old Toy Show star is encouraging people to send a ‘virtual hug’ to someone they care about #NationalHuggingDay”.

Adam also features in the video posted to social, he says: “Because we can’t hug each other, I am sending a virtual hug to all of you. So keep an eye out, as you might catch one!”

Locations in Dublin and Cork including the city hall will be lit up with virtual hugs.

Adam has inspired us all since his appearance on the Late Late when he showed off his hug creation which has since developed into a sticker on social media that’s been shared all over the world.

The virtual hug was also made into a postmark by An Post.

National Hugging Day was first celebrated in the US back in 1986 and just because we can’t hug in person it’s still important we celebrate a day that’s filled with kindness, so send a virtual hug to people today and let them know you’re thinking about them!