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Family dynamics

15th Nov 2018

The trailer for the sequel to A Christmas Prince is here and we are so excited

Move over, Harry and Meghan.

A Christmas Prince was one of the most talked about Christmas movies of the last year – and now the sequel is finally (almost) here.

That’s right, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is going to be arriving on the streaming service at the end of the month – on November 30, to be exact.

The film takes place a year after Amber, an American journalist, traveled to the fictional country of Aldonia to write a story about Prince Richard, the prince with a playboy reputation who was ascending to the throne.

After a brief case of mistaken identity, a cute snowball fight and plenty of drama (aka: some of the best ingredients for a Christmas rom com), the pair fell in love and got engaged.

The trailer sees a stressed out Amber struggling to find a way to maintain her own identity and wondering if she can handle the scrutiny of being a queen – while still planning the perfect Christmastime wedding and dealing with an overzealous wedding planner.

Meanwhile, Richard is faced with a political crisis that threatens to tarnish not only the holiday season, but the future of the kingdom.

You can check out the trailer below…