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Family dynamics

31st Mar 2017

‘I wasn’t surprised…’ Peaches Geldof’s husband on the day he found her dead

Niamh Maher

Thomas Cohen has opened up about the harrowing moment he found his wife dead.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three years since the tragic death of Peaches Geldof. At the time she was just 25.

The daughter of Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates was found non-responsive at her home in the English countryside on April 7, 2014: she had taken an overdose of heroin and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her then 11-month-old son, Astala, remained alone in the house for eight hours following her death.

Now in a candid interview with German magazine Bild, her widower Thomas Cohen spoke of the bitter reality that his two sons Astala and Phaedra, who will turn five and four next month respectively, have now lived longer than they knew their mother.

Recalling that day he revealed: “When I found her, I was not surprised. I thought to myself at the moment: ‘Yes of course – you had to do that.’

“What I can remember, it must have been an hour after I’ve found it, that it’s time for the kids’ lunch. They needed their lunch,” he continued.

“So I took the children’s chairs to the table, took the yogurts out of the fridge, the bananas… The routine I had to keep up with the children helped me a lot.”

Thomas has gradually rebuilt his life since his wife’s passing with the help and support of his family: he’s raising his two sons alone but has found love again with artist and actress Zoe Bleu.

TV presenter Paula Yates died in 2000 – also from heroin. She was the mother to four daughters, including Peaches.