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20th Nov 2017

Giovanna Fletcher got this fantastic parenting tip from Emma Willis

Cathy Donohue

parenting tip from Emma Willis

You might identify with this mamas.

Back in August, Giovanna Fletcher announced her new podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby confirming that fellow famous faces and friends including Emma Willis, Rochelle Humes and Frankie Bridges would make appearances.

In a recent interview with OK!, Giovanna explained where she got the inspiration for the name of the aforementioned podcast and book which shares the same name.

“The term Happy Mum Happy Baby actually comes from something Emma Willis told me years ago when I was feeding Buzz and I was just completely down about the whole thing.”

“She was in a similar situation, and her mum said to her ‘Stop getting yourself down like this”.

Giovanna says that she was putting pressure on herself to breastfeed Buzz and criticised herself when it wasn’t going to plan.

“Just realising that not everything was on me breastfeeding my baby. It wasn’t the only thing I was giving him. She said it and it just stuck with me”.


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It’s clear that Emma said this to Giovanna at a time when she felt that she wasn’t doing enough for her little boy and knowing that other mums felt the same made a difference.

This advice made her see things more clearly and this is the kind of tip that we think other mums need to know about.

Everyone is doing their best and this is the perfect example of mums helping other mums instead of the mum-shaming that happens all too often.

My happy place! There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day and hearing the words ‘I missed you, Mumma!’ Xxx

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Giovanna has two sons, Buddy and Buzz, with her husband, singer and vlogger Tom Fletcher.

Main image via Instagram: Giovanna Fletcher