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06th Jul 2017

Hitting the beach with your baby: what you need and what you don’t


Brought to you by Aldi. 

Having baby in tow for a beach trip means being hyper-organised. You don’t want to be laden down like a pack mule but you gotta bring essentials, so be ruthless in weeding out unnecessary stuff.

DO throw some serious shade with a pop-up tent. Made of lightweight material and wire, these little shelters just bounce into three dimensions with the flick of a wrist. Baby needs respite from the elements, and you can even get SPF tents to screen out the bad rays.

DON’T bring a bulky stroller. It’s impossible to haul over the sand. A lightweight one, however, will do double duty as a trolley for towels; snacks; water etc.

DO bring a sun hat; SPF, t-shirt and proper baby sunscreen. Squirty sprays are the easiest to use on wiggly kids, but use a sunblock cream on their face and rub it in well so it doesn’t get in their eyes. If you’re abroad, err on the side of caution and reapply frequently.

DON’T bring inflatable floaty things; lifeguards hate them as they can be dangerous.

DO bring extra clothes and nappies with a plastic bag; the poo monster will inevitably strike when you’re miles from the car. Also, take a big soft blankie so baba can have a nap in the pop-up tent.

DON’T bring a book – you’ll be too preoccupied and you’ll just keep rereading the same paragraph fifteen times. It’s an exercise in frustration; save your summer blockbuster for evenings.

DO bring some little toys to keep small hands busy.

DON’T let baby get exposed to the sun between 12 and 3pm; even watery Irish sunshine is at its strongest then. If you’re abroad, you’re better off going to the beach early in the day, or in the late afternoon.

DO bring a soft – bristled dust brush for brushing sand off everything before the kids get into the car. It might seem a bit over the top but honestly, it beats having a sandy car for days.