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08th Jun 2015

How I make it work: Kathleen Mitchell of Stella & Dot jewellery

Sophie White

Kathleen Mitchell is European Vice President of jewellery giant Stella & Dot.

Alaskan-born Kathleen loves living in London with her husband, Gavin and their two children, Sean (5) and Rory (2). London has been home since she graduated from Trinity College, Dublin.

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My husband is up and out very early so I generally wake up as he is getting ready at about 5:30. Usually, I get to use this as productive me time but my son, Rory, has become a bit of an early riser himself so I am working on getting this back.

Breakfast in my house is crazy and fun. This is one of my favourite times of the day as I have my two boys to myself. I make them breakfast, we turn on music and try and get Rory to sit down for a few minutes. It generally involves me clearing up banana or a bowl of Oatabix that has fallen on the floor.

Depending on the morning, I also sit in silence for 10 minutes, run for about 30 and get ready in about 15.

For my skincare routine, I have a Clarisonic that I use in the shower. I use CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticles always and currently Kiehl’s Super Corrective cream and an eye cream. At night, I take my make up off with Bioderma Crealine H20. The one product I couldn’t live without is the Bare Minerals Bare Skin Pure Foundation.

I am very lucky my husband Gavin is an amazing cook. My slapdash creations are not up to his standards. He cooks most of the time.

I leave work about 6pm so I can catch the last hour with the kids and put them to bed. Then I have dinner with my husband. I might have a work call after dinner or a project to finish. Then it is bed at 10:30pm. Some nights I have an evening out for work, dinner with the girls or a yoga class. When I am not travelling, I drop Sean off at school and then my lovely nanny takes over from there until Gavin gets home.

On the weekends, I love to get outdoors for long walks, football in the park and long lunches.

We are big fans of travelling and love so many places. Our last and best trips were Zighy Bay in Oman, Babington House in the UK and Sardinia, Greece, though I could go on and on and on.

The book I am currently reading is Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

If I was giving advice to a new mum, I would say: You know what to do. Don’t worry and enjoy it.