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27th Apr 2016

How I Make It Work: Mum, Actress and Blogger Leigh Arnold

Sharyn Hayden

Leigh Arnold is an Irish actress, TV personality  blogger and – mot importantly – mum to Hunter (3) and Piper Rose (6 months). She is the proud patron of First Light – a charity organisation committed to helping parents and families who have been bereaved by the sudden and tragic loss of a child.

We get up pretty ridiculously early in our house. If it’s not baby Piper Rose looking for an early morning nuzzle (I’m still breastfeeding), my son Hunter (3) will walk up to our room all sleepy and we have family cuddles in bed. That can go on a while as neither Steve or I want to get out of our love bubble!


Leigh and the gorgeous Hunter

After the mad mornings it gets calm. I have a lady who comes to help with the baby for a few hours while Hunter is at nursery so I can get my work done – writing for my blog, catching up on emails, life and work strategising with my husband and if I’m lucky, I’ll catch a yoga or Pilates class.

Most days I cook a homemade soup with whatever’s in the fridge and whip that up ready for our lunch which we all sit down to when we get Hunter from school. I’ve found soup an amazing way of getting goodness into the kids without them being aware of it!

The weekends are total family time. With two kids and a husband, leaving the house is like a military excercise. We usually go to the beach, for a walk, to the markets, visiting friends and family. We live an outdoors’ lifestyle as much as we can and dinner with friends has changed to lunches and early nights, but that’s good for us!


Leigh and beautiful baby Piper-Rose

I’m in love with water! I drink about three litres a day and if I’ve had a tough night’s lack of sleep, ice cubes on the face is a serious waker-upper! (Can’t beat a bit of touch eclait either!!)

‘First Light’ was originally The Sudden Infant Death Society. They are an organisation set up by bereaved parents to support each other. First Light believes that all families should have access to support and information following the death of a child or young person.

Through understanding their grieving process and receiving help in dealing with bereavement from appropriately trained professionals, parents and families can learn to live with their grief and begin rebuilding their lives.

I am working as hard as I can to make sure every family in Ireland is aware of this important organisation should anything happen to them or someone they know.

My top tip for new mums is to leave everything that does not need to be done. Housework, work, calls, emails, social media and friends can wait. Spend the first two weeks having a ‘bed in’ and get to know your newborn. It’s time for all members of the family to bond and get to know their new clan member.

All information on the First Light charity can be found at and you can visit Leigh’s website and blog at