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28th Apr 2016

The Internet Is LOVING This Dad T-Shirt


A t-shirt designed for all the dads of this world has gone viral this week.

An image of the garment which reads “Dads don’t babysit. (It’s called ‘parenting’)” was uploaded to Reddit earlier this week by user carlinha1289.

The caption read: “Important message from a dad to society”.

dad tshirt
Image via Reddit

The item of clothing, which was also posted on ‘The Dad Network’ Facebook page, addresses the misconception that it’s a big deal when dad looks after the kids and it is being praised for doing so.

One commenter wrote: “Basically, a common thing heard by fathers when they’re out with their kids in public is “Aww, it’s so nice of you to babysit and give mom a break”, “I guess you got stuck with the kids today”, or something along those lines.

“It’s a mentality (whether intentional or not) that diminishes the role fathers play in the lives of their kids. They’re not seen as an equal in parenting, they’re the “babysitter” who only steps in occasionally when mom needs a break or something.”

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