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17th Jun 2017

This Irish dad’s Father’s Day poem will crack you up

Listen up, mamas!

Anna O'Rourke

Forgotten to get your other half something for Father’s Day?

Fear not, one Irish daddy has written a poem to let us all know what they all really want this year.

Rory Thynne is dad to one-year-old Clara and writes a blog for his wife Barbara’s baby clothing company, Clara & Carl Organic Baby Clothing.

Here’s the poem he shared on the blog in honour of dads everywhere:

An Ode to Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches,

On June 18th this year,

Dads are looking forward,

To relaxing with a beer.


This day’s a celebration,

To honour everything paternal,

A lovely home cooked meal,

Made by hands maternal.


A break from changing nappies,

Full of poo and piddle.

Replaced by gifts of socks and ties,

Or power tools from Lidl.


Some Daddies may get lucky,

That some action comes their way.

They have their fingers crossed,

That with Mammy they might play.


Of course this all depends,

On whether baby goes to bed.

But if the baby wakes up crying,

Looking to be fed….


That would put a spanner in the works,

Then there’s nothing you can do.

No hanky panky on the cards,

No baby number two!


Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads,

Enjoy the day that’s in it.

May you get some peace and quiet,

If it’s only for a minute!


“I had written a blog post for Father’s Day but I wrote the poem to do something different I guess. From speaking to other dads I guess it’s something they can all relate to,” he told HerFamily.

Fair play, Rory – you can’t beat a bit of honesty!