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26th Jun 2017

Not spending enough time with your family? 10 child-rearing regrets

The average parent has five things they regret about bringing up their kids.


The average parent has five things they ‘truly’ regret from their child’s early years, including not taking enough photographs.

About 2,000 parents were surveyed and they revealed their biggest regrets about rearing their own children. Some regrets included working too hard, not playing with their children more often, and waiting too long before teaching them how to swim.

Constantly worrying about the little things, not going on more holidays and not capturing enough moments on camera were also in the top 10.

Seven out of ten parents also admit they took their youngster’s childhood for granted, with more than two-thirds saying they would do things differently if they could go back.

Lauren Revell from Huggies Little Swimmers, who commissioned the research, has said of the research: “Things can seem simpler with hindsight and it seems you definitely live and learn when you’re a parent.

“Many mums and dads wish they could spend more quality time with their little ones but these opportunities can be lost.”

Top Ten Parents Regrets

1. Working too much

2. Worrying too much about the little things that didn’t really matter

3. Not playing with them more

4. Not going on more holidays

5. Not taking enough photos

6. Spending too much time away from them

7. Not filming enough events or milestones in their lives

8. Not taking them on big holidays such as Disneyland

9. Not encouraging them to take up more hobbies

10. Not having a shared hobby