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26th Mar 2018

Katherine Heigl’s gotten some flak for the latest video of her baby

Jade Hayden


Katherine Heigl has a baby boy.

That baby boy’s name is Joshua and he’s one-year-old.

The other day, Katherine shared a video of Joshua having the time of his life in his baby bouncer while a dog roams around beside him.

Joshua is all smiles and playing with the dog and it’s a generally adorable video.


Some people, however, took issue with the fact that Katherine had put her baby in a baby bouncer.

Now, there have been warranted criticisms about baby bouncers in the past, especially when it comes to very young babies who may not be able to support their heads yet.

But if your baby is old enough to support his or herself, is strapped into the bouncer accordingly, and doesn’t spend all of their time in there when they could be crawling around, the product is generally safe.

And even if some parents choose not to use them, there are certainly worse things you could do to a child.

Some people didn’t think so though and they took to Katherine’s Instagram to tell her not to put her child in a baby bouncer because it was dangerous and would hinder their growth.

“These things are really bad for the baby’s hips and back, please don’t put your kids in those things,” wrote one person.

“Baby should not be put in a vertical position before he can do it himself,” said another.

The criticism didn’t stop there though, because Katherine also got some flak for letting her dog near her child.

Yep, that’s really where we’re at folks.

In the video, Joshua gives the dog some cheese before eating it himself which a few people thought was “kinda gross” and ‘unhygienic.”

However, others argued in Katherine’s defence sating that “all kids do gross things from time to time” and that it just helps boost their immune system.