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27th Sep 2016

Last Places Available For Momified – A Cocktail-Fueled Support Group


Ever feel like motherhood is not quite how you thought it would be?

Let’s face it; it’s not the blissful, rose-tinted interpretive dance through glorious meadows of joy and wonder that Instagram promises. Ever have those moments when you’re NOT feeling one hundred per cent #blessed but were afraid to admit it, believing you are the only one?

You need ‘Momified!’, a gathering of mortified mothers who are all hunkered down in the trenches of parenthood necking wine from the bottle, taking cover from the hail of rice cakes, squished bananas and snotty kisses and wondering why Jools Oliver never has poo in her hair.

Join columnist and author, Sophie White, Xpose’s Triona McCarthy, author, Emily Hourican and editor, Sive O’Brien for the ultimate mum support group (with cocktails). Prepare to laugh out loud, feel your maternal anxiety drift away as you realise you’re not the only one whose child once ate a cigarette (Sophie’s kid natch) and share your mortifying moments too.

The event marks the launch of Sophie White’s new book, Recipes for a Nervous Breakdown (and how to cook yourself sane–ish) – a hilarious memoir/cookbook packed with Sophie’s recipes for real life. Recipes For A Nervous Breakdown is battle-cry for honest discourse about how our day is really going as opposed to the filtered, guilt-inducing versions proffered through our social media-sodden lives!

So gather your mum squad and come enjoy a delicious complimentary cocktail and some tasty treats from Sophie’s book of recipes and a sense of solidarity from the mamas of Ireland prepared to stand up and say “F*ck #Blessed!”

The Sugar Club, Wednesday, 28 September from 7-9pm. Tickets are free and available from Eventbrite:

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