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20th Jun 2015

Mom is still boss at home, but Dads are more hands-on than ever

Katie Mythen-Lynch

It seems Daddy is still the favourite when it comes to play time, with only 10 per cent of fathers deeming themselves the lead disciplinarian in their house.

According to a new survey,  50% of Irish mums see themselves as the one tasked with laying down the law at home.

cats 1Water Babies swim school set out to establish exactly what makes a 21st Century parent, asking 1,700 volunteers to spill the beans from behind the scenes. Even though most mums and dads try to be more easygoing than their own parents were, a quarter say they favour the tough love approach and never give in to their children’s demands.

Two thirds of dads describe themselves as hands-on parents, with the majority agreeing that they are more involved than their own dads were.

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Swimming was the most popular family activity, while most parents were actively cutting back on television time; 50 per cent of the parents surveyed said their children watch less than one hour of TV a day and the same percentage said they never allow their children to eat in front if the television.

The survey found there are three different types of parent in Ireland: Disciplinarian, Laid Back and Well Rounded. Curious about which category you fall into? Take this fun quiz to find out…

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