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12th Nov 2017

Mum’s bizarre ‘tip’ for opening presents has annoyed a lot of people

Say what?

Jade Hayden



Now that Christmas is finally on the way, it’s understandable that parenting forums are going to be rife with mums sharing gifts ideas, tips for the big day, and worries about whether their children are going to like their presents or not.

That’s why when one mum decided to share her top tip concerning children and Christmas presents on popular parenting forum Mumsnet, people were only delighted.

Except this tip wasn’t really what anyone was expecting.

… Because it involved making her kids practice opening their Christmas presents prior to the big day so the moment wouldn’t be “chaotic.”

The unnamed mum wrote:

“Last Christmas the family agreed that opening presents has become chaotic and unrewarding. We told the three – 11, 9 and 8 – that we were having a practice and they could open 1 gift if they learned how to do it.

“First I opened a practice gift (a pair of socks) and read the card first and told everyone who gave it to me. Then I opened the gift and held it up and said it was just what I wanted and the colour was perfect. Then I thanked the person who gave it to me.

“I explained if it was a large gift I would jump up and hug that person. They loved me hugging myself. Then they got a turn. I told them if it was a stove mitt or a motorcycle, they had to follow the script.

“They took turns opening a gift and performed. All understand this is a show called “opening Christmas gifts” and they are participants. Doesn’t matter what the present is, the script is the same.

“Our Christmas day was much better. I am trying to pass on an idea that might help.”

The mum’s “idea” did not go down so well.

“I am all for some sort of order but your method does sound a little joyless to me! But if it works for you then that is great,” wrote one person.

“Hands down this is the biggest load of pure w*nkery,” said another.

The issue that most users seemed to have with the tip was that it removes the fun and joy out of what is supposed to be a fun and joyful day.

Mumsnet users also seemed adamant that you couldn’t “script” opening presents.

The mum has not responded to any of the criticism she received on her post.

It remains to be seen as to whether she will continue with her “script” this Christmas.