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23rd Feb 2017

New Mum? Here’s How To Feel Like Your Old Self Again (Kinda)

Alison Bough

Becoming a mum for the first time is one of the most significant shifts in identity that anyone can ever go through. You go from being free and independent to all of a sudden responsible for a new baby who is reliant on you for everything.

Being a new mama is amazing, but it can be all-consuming and sometimes it’s hard to remember who you were before you had a baby. Even though life has changed forever, becoming a mum can add to your identity without taking away from other parts of you.

Here are some great ways to (temporarily) escape the baby bubble and feel like your old self again:


It seems like an obvious one, but days can go by without you having any time-out when you’re a busy new mum. Whether it’s having a bath, going for a walk, or watching a film; carving some time for yourself (however limited that may be!) is a good way to get that much-needed headspace.

The great outdoors

It might be chilly outside but pull on the layers, put the baby in the buggy or sling, and escape those four walls. Fresh air will blast the cobwebs away and clear and revive your tired mind.

Support system 

Accepting or asking for help when you need it isn’t always easy, but it seriously lightens the load. Take advantage of the extra hands, say ‘yes’ to help and let someone else worry about the washing.

Catch up 

Meet up with friends for coffee and cake. Not only do you need the extra calories for energy, but catching up with those who’ve known you since before you became a mum will help give you a renewed sense of normality.

Retail therapy 

Your body has changed and your clothes don’t look the same anymore. Sound familiar? A new purchase will instantly update your wardrobe and make you feel (and look) good. If you’re not confident about choosing clothes, pick up an accessory, even a nice scented candle. The thrill of the purchase will help give you a lift.

Cut yourself some slack

Feeling guilty comes with the territory of motherhood, but be KIND to yourself. Focusing on what’s important and what works for you and your family will help take the pressure off.

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