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11th Aug 2023

Parents share sweet and hilarious stories of how their kids made them smile this week

Sophie Collins


This is so lovely!!

A mum has started a thread online where parents can share sweet and funny stories about how their kids have made them smile this week.

From fun and games to adorable interactions as they learn to communicate – some of these stories are just gorgeous.

The mum took to the Reddit Parenting thread and wrote: “Let’s start our weekend off with some funny stories.

“There are usually negative posts on here but let’s choose to enjoy the little things today.”

She went on to say: “I’ll go first. It’s not much, but it made me smile.

“I was carrying our 7mo, and our 2.5yo started chasing me, so we ran around the house being “scared” when the 2.5yo came in the room.

“All three of us were laughing. I love getting to see my two littles enjoying playing together.”

Another mum responded with an adorable story of her little one at a recent event.

She said: “Took my 2YO (and baby in a carrier) to an event where my husband had been networking because there was a jumping castle for kids.

“We obviously got there before many other families showed up (the castles were inflated late in the day once formalities were over) so my kid was the first one in there.

“I obviously couldn’t get in and jump because of the baby, so when he saw some kids in the distance he ran out and toddler babbled some words trying to gesture them over to jump with him.

“Adorable and funny at the same time.”

A third added a hilarious (and relatable) story to the mix, writing: “So it’s come to light in the past week that the play pen and baby gate are no longer functional.

“My son (2 in a month) can easily get in and out of both at his leisure.

“I was making dinner and went into the playroom where he was to give him his water bottle.

‘The pack and play was flipped on its side and he was sitting on top of it in a little nest made out of my throw blankets and his Star Wars pillows. Happy as could be.”

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