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01st Aug 2023

Parents warned over dangers of pool rings following terrifying incident

Whether you’re heading abroad or sticking with a staycation this summer, one thing is for sure – children will find their way to a pool.

And with a swimming pool comes a stark warning to parents to remind them of pool safety following a shocking viral video.

The clip, published by The Sun, shows a small girl trying to break free after her rubber ring flips over and traps her beneath the water.

Thankfully, the girl in this instance was able to escape, but the video proves to be a reminder of the dangers associated with pool inflatables.

The footage shows the child surrounded by adults and other swimmers but she goes unnoticed as her rubber ring begins to tilt to the side.

Moving towards the deep end of the water, she flips upside down and gets trapped under the water.

The video shows the girl kicking her legs in the air and it takes a few seconds before anyone notices what has happened.

The lifeguard jumps in to save her as well as another man helping out.

The incident is a reminder to all parents to be vigilant when at the pool with their children.

Experts have warned against the use of inflatables other than swim vests or life jackets.

The aquatics coordinator for the American Red Cross, Sally Schneider, told the LA Times that objects like these are “very dangerous”.

She said: “Floating toys are the last thing you should put your child in to play in the water.”