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16th Mar 2018

Ronan Keating ‘didn’t want kids’ when he met Storm, she reveals

The couple welcomed their first child last year.
Ronan Keating 'didn't want kids' when he met Storm, she reveals

‘It was heartbreaking at the time.’

Storm Keating has opened up about becoming a mum with her husband Ronan Keating, revealing he was unsure about having any more children when they first got together.

Ronan is dad to three children – Jack (19), Missy (17) and Ali (12) – from his previous relationship with Yvonne Connolly.

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He and Storm welcomed their first child in 2017 but he wasn’t always so keen on becoming a dad again, she has said.

“We talked about it, and as difficult as it was for me to hear, I understood why he felt that way, and had to decide if that was a deal-breaker for me,” Storm told The Independent.

“It was heartbreaking at the time… but I loved him with every bone in my body, and I knew that although it was a huge sacrifice, I could live without children of my own, but I just couldn’t live without him.”

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Ronan went on to change his mind, she explained.

“It was about a year after that when he surprised me while we were out to dinner, and we were laughing at a little baby girl at the table next to us. He turned to me and said, ‘You’ll make a great mammy one day,’.”

Storm gave birth to their son Cooper last April.

“I always expected that motherhood would be something I’d enjoy and love, but you truly can’t put it into words.”

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