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26th Jan 2023

No plans to abolish homework, says Minister Foley

Kat O'Connor

Do you think homework should be scrapped in Ireland?

Minister for Education Norma Foley says she has no plans to abolish homework in Ireland.

She has spoken out about the issue after President Michael D. Higgins said it is time for homework to be scrapped because it is outdated.

But the Minister for Education does not agree.

Many parents and teachers agree that it is time for the outdated practice to be scrapped. However, the Education Minster said it is up to each individual school to set its own homework policy.

She said;

“It would not be appropriate for a Government Minister to engage in the public debate with the office of the President.

“Currently schools are free to have their own policy on homework.

Minister Foley said schools can make their own homework policies, but it is not up to the Government to scrap homework.

“These policies are created in conjunction with senior management and staff, the boards of management, parents, and the pupils.

“Schools are in of themselves places where creative pursuits are cultivated, nurtured and encouraged.

“That creativity may also be reflected in homework.”

The President of Ireland told Newsday that children should spend their time doing other activities.

“I think myself, really that the time at home and the time in school is an educational experience.

He continued, “It should get finished at the school.”

This will then give children more time for other activities after school. Pupils could also have more time to socialise.

“People should be able to use their time for other creative things.”

Many parents feel it takes up too much of our children’s time during the evening, but others feel it helps them make more progress in school. Others also believe it benefits their communication and reading skills.

What do you think? Is it time for homework to be scrapped?

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