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Family dynamics

29th Oct 2023

‘My child keeps saying he doesn‘t love me- what will I do?’

Kat O'Connor

This mum is finding it difficult to deal with something her child keeps saying.

Kids always say things they don’t mean. They ask the silliest questions and come up with the funniest ideas, but sometimes they say things that really hurt.

We know they don’t mean it but one mum is struggling with something her child is frequently saying to her.

She explained on Reddit that he keeps saying he doesn’t love his mum when he is angry or if they’re fighting.

He is obviously just lashing out at his mum, but she’s finding it hard to deal with the upsetting remarks.

She said: “My son says he doesn’t love me and never will. He says this mostly when he’s angry (which is often) or when he doesn’t get his way.”

The mum said she tries to ignore his behavior and has told him his words hurt, but he continues to say it.

“That just makes him do it more,” she said.

“Once I was upset enough to cry and he just used that to mock me. I really don’t know how many more daggers to the heart I can take,” the mum said.

She’s worried her son actually means it, but she knows he’s just a child.

“I’m getting to the point of depression where I just want to avoid him and not do anything for him at all, but he’s just a child so I’m conflicted on how to handle this.”

She said she tries her best to be caring and supportive, but this has been so hard on her.

“I get it that he’s almost a teen so he’s an emotional mess, but this seems like something more.”

Many parents agreed that he is lashing out because of his age.

One said, “He’s having the big emotions that come with the onset of puberty and probably feeling a bit out of control of his own body and feelings.”

“Try to take a deep breath and simply reply “Well I will always love you no matter what” and then leave him be in that moment of intense exchange,” another said.

Do you have any advice for this mum?