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06th Mar 2016

The Cutest Mother’s Day Cards Are Made By Your Very Own Kids!

Sharyn Hayden

Happy Mother’s Day to one and all!

Whether you are a mum-in-waiting, a first-time mum, a new mum for the second, fourth or tenth time, we hope you all have a fabulous day filled with love, hugs and appreciation for all that you do.

We have been gathering up some of the cutest Mother’s Day cards that you have been sending in since Friday – your kids really pulled out all the stops this year!

Here are some of our absolute favourites:

1. Owl Love You Forever (from Kathy Savage)

Kathy Savage

2. The Hint-Dropper (from Denise Doyle)

Denise Doyle

3. We Gotta Hand It To Paige.. (from Jacinta O’Halloran)

Jacinta O'Halloran

4. Grá For The Moveable Flower Petals (from Valerie Southern)

Valerie Southern

5. The Sign That Says It All (from Rachel Ní Lorcáin)

Rachel Ni Lorcain

6. Mum’s Little Flower Pot (from Elaine Caffrey)

Elaine Caffrey

7. Harry’s Left (and right!) Foot (from Catriona Maguire)

Caitriona McGuire

8. I Love You THIS MUCH! (from Emma Walsh)

Emma Walsh

9. When Your Kid’s Names Aren’t Danny OR Jaigo (from Diane McDonald)

Diane McDonald

10. The Tearjerker (from Denise McCarthy)

Denise McCarthy

11. Because You’re The First Person She Ever Met (from Karen Fletcher Newman)

Karen Fletcher Newman

12. Because You Deserve THEM! (from Chantal Kobel)

Chantal McKenzie

13. When Love Is So Big, It’s Tall (from Trine Jensen)

Trine Jensen

14. When They Become All Grown Up (from Karen Keegan)

Karen Keegan

16. When You’re Not Sure What It Is But You Love It Anyway (from Laura Moran)

LAura Moran

Got any of your own to share? Why not post them in the comments on Facebook!