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07th Mar 2024

Seven of the best fictional mums ahead of Mother’s Day

Anna Martin

From the moment TV and movie families became a thing, we started listing our favourite mums

Sometimes they were the mums we wanted, others were the moms we wished we could be, and sometimes, we saw ourselves represented on screen.

Many of these moms are traditional women we grew up with, and some of these moms are more modern, relatable women we’re still getting to know.

So in honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday, here’s a look at some of the best TV mums.

Marge Simpson

tv mums
Credit: Disney Plus

Her husband can drive her up the walls. One child is a troublemaker, another can be too smart for her own good and the third is a baby who tried to kill Mr Burns.

Although she is sometimes embarrassed by her family’s antics, it’s clear that she loves them all and would do anything for them.

She understands Bart’s special “spark,” shares a strong bond with Lisa and loves mothering baby Maggie. She is the glue that holds this crazy family together.

Miss Honey

tv mums
Credit: IMDB

Miss Honey is the mother who stepped up when no one else would.

She knew Matilda was smart and decided to become the supportive parental figure she needed to grow.

The teacher-turned-adoptive mother helped Matilda develop her powers of telekinesis and together they built a family bond that seemed to help both of them.

Linda Belcher

tv mums
Credit: Fox

Linda can be extremely embarrassing, (let’s remember her iconic ‘Lil Babies’ song) but she’s mostly hilarious.

The main reason why she’s on this list is because she’s always been a ride-or-die matriarch for her family.

Linda is an exceptional mother as she gives the best advice to each of her children based on their needs. 

Gloria Ramírez Pritchett

Credit: IMDB

Gloria Maria Ramírez Pritchett from the show’s pilot episode to its series finale.

Loving, resourceful, and eccentric, Gloria has been a consistent support of her son Manny’s development from a boy into a young man.

Though her husband Jay wants to toughen Manny up, Gloria’s more toned down, kind approach to parenting is something that her son just responds to.

Knowing this is what he needs, she encourages him and watches him thrive throughout the series.

Lois Wilkerson

Credit: IMDB

This one might be a bit of a controversial choice but in my opinion, she’s one of the best fictional mums out there.

Maybe in part because she was part of my childhood but also because she’s vulnerable and sometimes insecure but she’s also resilient and strong.

Plus when you’re the other of five boys (with a sixth on the way in the series finale) you’re going to have to have some patience.

Carey Martin

Credit: IMDB

Carey is wise, patient and a very loving mother, though she often babies her kids, much to their resentment.

She is generally seen as the voice of reason, providing advice not only to her own kids, but also to Maddie, London, and even Mr Moseby.

Donna Sheridan

Credit: Universal Pictures

Mamma Mia has acted as a bridge for mothers and daughters everywhere. If there’s ever a fight about what to stick on TV throw on this flick and everything is sorted.

Yet what makes her such a good mom? Having raised Sophie by herself, she taught her to be kind and find happiness no matter the situation.

Donna also set a fine example for her daughter when it comes to building strong relationships as she is also a good friend and generous woman.