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21st Feb 2024

‘Am I wrong for lying to my family about losing a house deal?’

Anna Martin

'Am I wrong for lying to my family about losing a house deal?'

This woman is feeling conflicted after lying about a house deal

Would you rather tell the truth and take the heat up front or tell a lie and deal with the consequences later?

What about if you fibbed about something as big as a deal on a house falling through?

Well, one woman went down the lying route and now she’s turned to Reddit to figure out if she was wrong given the circumstances she found herself in.

Explaining the situation she wrote, “A few years ago, my husband and I told our relatives that we wanted to buy a country house by the lake. In our country, almost everyone lives in apartments, so our families are very happy.

“My mother immediately decided that she wanted to arrange a vegetable garden in the yard of this house. My husband’s sister said it would be a great place where she could take her children for the summer.

Her siblings joked about using their home for their own gain.

“My sister started fantasizing about family picnics. My husband’s brother “joked” that it would be a good place to get drunk on weekends.

Yet for the Redditor and her husband, this was exactly what they didn’t want to happen, they wanted a quiet place to themselves.

“We wanted to have a place where we could feel truly at home. Where we can rest. Where we can arrange everything to your taste.

They continued, “Where there will be peace and quiet, and not family squabbles,” she explained.

“In the end, we decided to tell them that the deal had fallen through and there would be no house. After all, it’s not even their business. We were the only ones buying the house, and it had nothing to do with them. We didn’t have to tell them.”

The couple decided to keep things to themselves for two years until the truth accidentally came out

“My sister found out about the house by accident, because one of my friends posted a photo from there. Now our families are furious and call us greedy.

“Many of the relatives don’t want to talk to us until we give them the address (my mom even asked for spare keys). This is exactly the hype that we tried so hard to avoid.

“I don’t think we’re wrong, but my husband is starting to hesitate about what we should have done, so outside advice can help us,” she concluded.

Well, it seems that most people agreed that the couple were right in their decision.

One commented, “The reaction from your relatives is absolute confirmation of your fears.”

Another added, “You did exactly the right thing, and their behaviour proves it. No keys, no address, no access. Full stop. They won’t talk to you? Brilliant, take the win!”

A third commenter seemed to agree penning, “Clearly, lying about it wasn’t the best course of action, but I can see why you did it. Your family doesn’t know the concept of common courtesy and boundaries and expected to have access to your home whenever they want.”