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09th Feb 2024

Alternative tooth fairy ideas that don’t involve leaving money

Anna Martin

tooth fairy

You probably still remember your first visit from the tooth fairy

It’s one of those formative childhood memories that we all look back on fondly and you hope that your child will too.

Many families have hopped on the tradition of the tooth fairy leaving money for the child.

However, times are changing and parents are interested in finding alternatives to the tooth fairy to celebrate this childhood milestone so here are four new ways to mark the event.


crystals child tooth fairy
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Instead of giving money for losing a tooth, some parents give their children little trinkets based on what they are interested in.

It doesn’t have to be something like a ring or an expensive piece of jewellery, if your child is obsessed with fairies and magic you could try to stick to the theme.

Crystals, coloured rocks or even a small pendant might just make their day.


kids playing with number puzzle, education concept

We’re not talking about anything massive like an exclusive LEGO set for a lost tooth, but some parents give their children small toys when they lose a tooth.

It could be trading cards or a new colouring book and some pencils, whatever your child has an interest in.


tooth fairy sweets child ice cream
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Most kids have a sweet treat they love and would really enjoy as a tooth fairy gift versus a few coins under their pillow.

If their favourite food is something that might fall apart when they rest their head, consider writing them a note that says by order of the tooth fairy, you will have ice cream today.

Obviously, a magical being can tell parents what to do right?


tooth fairy child reading
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For the little bookworm in your life, you could opt for a book instead of cash.

There are plenty of small books that will fit neatly under a pillow and with the added bonus of being educational, this just seems like a great choice.