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05th Apr 2024

Parents shocked over their daughter’s demanding tooth fairy letter


Do you think the little girl was too rude to the tooth fairy?

One little girl has written quite the shocking letter to the tooth fairy. The young girl’s parents were left speechless after they found the ‘bratty’ letter.

In the letter, the young girl tells the tooth fairy to give her more money than she got the last time.

She expected to receive at least $25 from her parents.

The letter reads: “Dear mom, dad/tooth fairy.

“Can I please have 25$. Want more money than last time or else I will be mad.”

The girl’s mum posted a photo of her ‘demanding’ letter on Reddit.

Many parents thought it was hilarious but others said her attitude was out of line.

“Boy, she’s gonna be really pissed when she goes to the dentist and they start pulling teeth and charging her for taking them.”

“Karen in training. She’s gonna want to speak to the tooth-fairy’s supervisor, Santa Claus.”

Another quipped, “I guess teeth are subject to inflation also. My daughter lost one 2 weeks ago and told us the tooth fairy is gonna give her a 10.”

One parent said the letter was uncalled for.

“How did this “make me smile” – you’re smiling a kid is demanding/rude???”

“Raising an entitled, bratty kid isn’t just something you do to yourself but to everyone who will ever have to deal with them.”

How much do you give your child when they lose a tooth?