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27th Feb 2016

The App That Keeps Video Memories For Your Kids (And Grandkids!)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Do you ever wish you could see your granny’s smile, or hear your mum’s grandfather sing a song? Imagine if you could time travel into the future and offer life advice to your great, great, great grandchildren, or show them exactly what life was like in 2016?

The developers of a clever new app hope to help you do just that.

Kindeo enables users to easily and securely record their life stories on video, which they can store and share with their kids or grandkids to enjoy.

The idea was inspired by a personal tragedy; the parents of one of the founders, John Gilbey, both passed away over a short period of time, and he realised he hadn’t had the chance to find out about their life stories. He spoke to friends about this and found that this is a frequent regret, so decided to build an app to provides a solution.

It works like this: The app asks users to answer a series of questions about their life – piecing together a permanent digital record of their story. Gilbey and co-founder Seb Royce built it specifically for families and older users – with the over 70 age group now the fastest growing in the world and increasingly tech-savvy. All stories are kept safely online, so you or your family (perhaps even your ancestors!) can keep track of them without losing a thing.

Following successful seed funding from a number of angel investors, the company is now valued at £4m. Moving forward, they’re hoping to work with health charities, such as Alzheimer’s UK, to help people commit their life stories to a digital format.

We think this is a beautiful idea, with plenty of scope for families to record precious pieces of film that are guaranteed to be treasured by future generations.

Want to try Kindeo for yourself? You can record and save up to 50 videos for free by downloading Kindeo for iPad from the App Store.

Do you store videos for future generations? Let us know on Twitter @HerFamilydotie.