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08th Aug 2017

Working mums use #IPumpedHere hashtag for important reason

Ever struggled to find somewhere to pump?

Anna O'Rourke

Breastfeeding can be a minefield.

If women aren’t being judged for doing it (or not doing it) in the first place, anyone who’s ever attempted to continue breastfeeding once they’ve gone back to work will tell you how difficult it can be.

Finding a comfortable place to pump in peace could be the worst of it, which is why the #IPumpedHere is going viral on social media.

Mums in the US are sharing photos of the less-than-ideal spots they’ve had to resort to to highlight the fact that breastfeeding mamas need better supports.

4R Lavatory pumping anyone? Hahahaha when you don't want to pump in crew rest because of the sound…. thank goodness for my Medela Swing, I can hang it anywhere! (I had just turned it on, hence no milk yet ??) . Pro-pumping on the go tip: if you will be pumping in the lav and it's going to take a bit (??) let a flight attendant know so that no one bothers you! Sometimes if someone is taking too long in the lav we will knock on the door to make sure they are okay (safety/security reasons) ?? . . #a330300 #longhaul #pumpingmom #pumpingmama #medelabreastpump #medelaswing #mother #ipumpedhere #crossingthepond #falife #crewlife #flightattendantproblems #lactatingmom #lactation #breastisbest #breastfeeding #pumpingonthego #normalizebreastfeeding

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The campaign is an initiative of Moms Rising, a US group that says it wants “clean, comfortable places to pump for working, traveling moms everywhere.”

“Tag your worst pumping photos with #ipumpedhere. Laugh. Cry. Then demand change,” it says on its website.

The group and a number of its supporters marched on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. yesterday to lobby politicians about the issue.


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