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11th Aug 2014

WATCH: 80 Days in ICU. The incredible time-lapse video of a premature baby

What a difference each day makes

Walker Colt Pruett said hello to the world three months ahead of schedule. 

He weighed 1lb, 3ozs and measured only 11 3/4 inches in length. He spent the first 80 days of his life in ICU.

His parents, Erica and Jared Pruett, were approached by the founder of the charity Capturing Hopes Photography, Deneen asked the new parents if she could include their precious bundle in her ‘100 Days’ project, dedicated to documenting the lives of premature babies in professional shots.

The resulting images were then put together for this very moving time-lapse video, showing Walker’s amazing transformation day after day. On July 31 2014, Walker was finally allowed home with his mum and dad.