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Labour + birth

24th Oct 2023

HerFamily readers share advice on how to ease your partner’s nerves around giving birth

Jody Coffey

It’s completely normal to have nerves or anxieties around giving birth, especially if it’s for the first time.

In fact, it’s so normal that some of our HerFamily readers, who have gone through the experience, offered advice to one dad-to-be who was hoping to ease these fears ahead of their due date.

Readers shared honest and detailed advice about the experience, as well as sharing what worked for them.

One reader first pointed out that they firmly believe that it “depends on the person”.

“Some people like to have as much information as possible. For me, the less I knew the better. I needed to trust that I was in good hands is all.”

“My only advice is to listen to your partner on the day. You will likely need to be her voice at times. Don’t question what she tells you but take it to be 100% true and make sure you get someone to hear you when passing that message on,” they advised.

Another reader suggested taking advantage of breathing techniques as well as positive visualisation and meditation.

“There is a lot of fear around childbirth and it helps to learn relaxation techniques to help the process,” they added.

One candid answer came from a reader who bravely confessed that  ‘absolutely nothing helped’ to ease their birthing anxiety.

“I did however watch videos of a natural, an episiotomy, and a c-section birth to prepare for each but I only recommend this if you’re not easily spooked,” this reader warned, adding that being prepared is key, along with some TLC.

Another useful nugget of advice came from a reader who suggested looking into birth preparation, hypnobirthing, and gentle birth courses.

“[They] can help release anxiety and fear around birth. Also prepare partners to support their partner optimally in pregnancy, birth and postpartum,” they explained.

Have you got any other helpful advice for a worried parent-to-be to take into the delivery room with them? We’d love to hear more.