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22nd Mar 2018

These photos of the first hour of a newborn’s life will make you sob


Cathy Donohue

We’re not crying, you’re crying (we’re SOBBING).

Newborn photos get us at the best of times so you can imagine the effect the below snaps had on us.

Courtesy of birth photographer Bryanna Field, these side-by-side photos are focused on the first hour of a newborn’s life and they’re beyond beautiful.

The first image in the below Instagram post shows a newborn baby just after birth while the second depicts the little one aged just one hour.

According to Pop Sugar Parenting, Fields owns Swaddle Shots, a company focused on special birthing and family shots.

As mums will know, the first photo shows that the newborn is covered with a layer of vernix caseosa, a substance that protects a baby’s delicate skin when in the womb.

The second then shows the baby sleeping serenely, all wrapped up in some cosy blankets for the first ever photo, sure to be treasured for years to come.

It’s just gorgeous and had quite the emotional effect on the Her Family team. It’s so touching, so real and captures the fragility of life.