This is the average spend on a mother-of-the-bride outfit in Ireland 2 years ago

This is the average spend on a mother-of-the-bride outfit in Ireland

Does this sound about right?

There's always big cash spent on wedding style but new stats show that Irish mothers-of-the-bride are especially flaithúlach when it comes down to their own outfits for the big day.

42 per cent of Irish women who are sending their son or daughter down the aisle spend over €500 on their wedding day look, according to a new poll for

Almost a third of mums (32 per cent) surveyed had budgeted between €250 and €500 for their outfit while just three per cent said they'd be spending less than €100.

When you consider that €726 is the average amount spent on bridesmaids' dresses for Irish weddings, you realise that the mammy could end up spending as much on her look as all of bridesmaids combined.

Turns out Irish mammies spend a LOT on their mother-of-the-bride outfit

And if you thought that wearing white was out of the question for mums, you'd want to think again.

While over half of those surveyed said it's not OK for the mother of the bride to wear white or off-white, over a quarter (28 per cent) say it's perfectly fine if the bride is on board.

This represents a growing trend at Irish weddings, says Nessa Cronin, owner of Vanity Fair Boutique in Newbridge.

"Four years ago I'd have say no way to a white or cream dress for the mother of the bride, but 100 per cent there's a swing towards it," she told