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Baby's health

25th Jul 2023

Mom slated after letting her child eat off the floor

Would you put food onto the floor to let your baby eat it? One mother did that, but after posting to TikTok got a mixed reaction…

Neysa Brandon (@theepiklife) is a content creator and the mother behind The Epik Life, a brand name under which her family create content. She married at a young age and she and her husband share eight children (cue Tommy Bowe – ‘eight siblings!’).

In a recent TikTok video, she showed one of her children trying sardines for the first time.

@theepiklife His little noises ? #fyp #momlife #motherhood #momsoftiktok #momtok #cutebaby #newfoods #babyledweaning #parenting #moms #foryou #momofboys #family ♬ original sound – The Epik Life

Her intention was to record and show his reaction to the new food – which in itself was cute – but viewers couldn’t believe her method of giving the food to the baby.

The comments rolled in and it seems many people found the approach inappropriate at best and offensive at worst.

One response said: “Why would u put his food on the floor?? Don’t understand. No matter how clean I have your floors, that’s full of bacteria. Wow, poor baby.”

Another viewer responded with: “Feeding him off the floor omg you don’t want high chair smelling of fish but it’s ok for him to eat it straight from the floor the mind boggles.”

However, some other mothers commented in support, explaining that their children lick and eat things from all sorts of surfaces and are just fine. One said: “I think I love it even more since everyone is so offended. My kids chewed on sticks from outside and they are all just fine.”

Where do you feed your little ones, and do you find this inappropriate?