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Early years

22nd Aug 2023

This is how we can best support teachers as children head back to school

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Summer has officially ended for most schools as children are returning to the classroom this week, and for teachers, it means they’re heading back from a much-needed break.

As our children head back to school, it can be a difficult transition not only for them and parents but also for those educating them.

To make this transition easier on teachers, we’ve found ways that can help them out and make everything run a bit smoother for them.


The change in curriculum needs an adjustment period, which many teachers wish more parents were more aware of.

Teachers are constantly trying to keep students engaged and ensuring their best interest is at heart, which means things may change and disrupt the normal day to day of school – and teachers hope parents can prepare their children for this.

Short staffing

Teachers are currently facing burnout due to a severe lack of staff, particularly in schools in Dublin. Showing basic support for them as they navigate the school year is simple, yet incredibly effective.

If our teachers are entering an environment with a little stress as possible, our children will get more out of their education.

Support your child

Parents also want parents to understand that their support in schools, so if something is going on at home, your child can be supported.

Getting support from parents in this is also vital, and having your child arrive to school organised to allow for teachers to get straight into the lesson.

If something else is happening at home, it is also important that teachers are made aware in order to find a way to best help.

We are a team

Central Florida college math professor Tammy Steffy put it the best way when she told “We play for the same side, with our students’ success as our top priority. You can see our dedication to them during these challenging years. We might not vote the same way or sit in the same pews on the weekends, but we all want our young people to learn, grow, lead, and support each other.”