You can now get buggies and prams valeted through an Irish company 2 years ago

You can now get buggies and prams valeted through an Irish company

This is so handy.

Buggies and prams can be so expensive and when there are a few years between your children, or your friend's children, it's always handy (and cost-effective) to borrow or re-use an old one.

But, that comes with its own risks. You don't want your baby sitting in an old buggy. No matter how much you scrub it, mould and dirt will still linger.

That's where Pram Wash comes in.

The Irish based company provides a valet style service for families who want to get their buggies deep cleaned and ready for a new baby. It was started by a father of two, John Whelen, who came up with the idea when he was cleaning their buggy in preparation for their second baby.

With over 10 years experience in the cleaning industry, he saw an opening and a need for this service.

Speaking about his reason for setting up the company, he said, “Before my second son was born my wife asked me to clean our buggy for our new arrival. I always yearned to own my own business that was truly unique and something I cared about.
Then it clicked there must be parents out there who would love to avail of a buggy valeting service an idea was born.”


John added:

“My mission is simple. I'm here to make your baby gear sparkling clean, sanitized and looking brand new! I know how chaotic life gets with little ones so we pride ourselves on making the process as seamless as possible for busy parents.”

John will come to your house and collect the buggy, and will return it after it has been cleaned.  Prices for prams start at €75.00, car seats are from €35.00, 2 n 1 Travel System start at €90.00 and 3 n 1 Travel System start at €105.00.

The items are all cleaned naturally dried re-assembled, polished and packaged for superior protection.

The service includes:

  • All fabrics cleaned treated and washed a few times if necessary.
  • All fabrics removed from frame and seat.
  • Metal chassis washed and treated with metal polish
  • All straps and buckles deep cleaned and stains removed
  • All scuff marks removed from frame.
  • All plastic parts cleaned and shined.
  • All wheels removed scrubbed, pumped and shined.
  • Chassis, Brake, Suspension and Wheels lubricated.
  • Fabrics pressed