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05th Sep 2022

Are ‘potty pops’ the way forward when it comes to potty training your toddler?

Melissa Carton

I remember when I started potty training my daughter…

She was eager to start using her potty for a while now and liked to come to the bathroom every time I was going so she can practice.

I could tell she wasn’t going to be too difficult to toilet train.

Her brother, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

There were so many hurdles when it came to him learning to use the toilet. Just when I thought we had it cracked he would regress again and we would have to start from square one.

It’s pretty common for toddlers to regress during their toilet training. It can be brought on by changes in their lives like starting preschool or feeling poorly.

I’m not going to lie, bribery helped a lot. Nothing major but little things like a sweet if he used his potty so that he would associate using the potty with positivity.

Recently I saw a suggestion for using ‘potty pops’ as an incentive for toddlers to toilet train and it might just be the way to go.

I remember so vividly when my son was a newborn saying that I would never give in to using bribery, but what did I know? Sometimes a mum has got to do what a mum has got to do.

It’s been shown that positive association and reward systems work when it comes to helping young children learn new skills such as how to use the toilet independently.

The potty pops don’t even have to be sweets if you’re concerned about your toddler’s teeth. You can create your own using yogurt or fruit.

When it comes to potty training there is no tried and true formula but these potty pops may be a good place to start.