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18th Jan 2024

Mum shares helpful tips to avoid a temper tantrum at the supermarket



We’ve all been there for a tantrum, whether it’s as a parent or a spectator.

My daughter, while I love her, can be an impossibly stubborn child sometimes.

Most recent we were at a café, everything was fine, we were sitting out doors having some cake when it started to rain. The trouble started when I tried to convince her to come inside the café. Cue the hissy fit of the year.

Things like this happen all the time with young children, more often than not in public places and usually when they are told they can’t have something or do something they want.

One mum came up with a solution to help alleviate the stress of toddler meltdowns in the instances when they ask for something that they can’t have and it’s really good advice.

Parenting blogger Mama Knows Nutrition shared a post on what you should say to your child if they should ask for sweets in the shop that you don’t want them to have.

The mum suggests that rather than just telling them no out straight they you should suggest a compromise instead.

“Try – that’s not on our list today. Would you like to take a picture with it so we can consider it another time?”

Not only did parents in the comment think that this was a great idea some even suggested doing it with toys.

When it comes to side-stepping temper tantrums I’ll take any parenting suggestions I can take and this one actually seems like solid advice that I will have to try out in future.