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Early years

20th Aug 2023

Mum asks for advice as she doesn’t know whether to trust her son’s nursery


This can be a bit tricky.

Whether you send your child to a playschool, nursery or creche, you trust that they will take care of your child and look after their needs.

Of course, accidents happen and we can never avoid them – however, if your child’s creche lied to you about a particular incident, would you trust them again?

A mother took to Mumsnet to say:

“My 2 and a bit year old has been going to nursery for 4-5 months now.

“Today he had an accident from hitting his head having fallen backwards off of a ride on toy. That’s quite odd in and of itself as he’s got great motor skills and hasn’t fell off those for about a year. But these things happen/he may well have been tired or over exuberant etc so I signed with a smile.

“Then we get home and on a whim I ask: did you fall or were you pushed? My son then launches into a long narrative telling me he was pushed, who exactly pushed him, that they pushed ‘the handlebars’ and that 2 of the nursery staff had told the girl in question off and said she was a ‘naughty little girl’.

“Now I accept kids push. It happens no matter what you do. But I really am uneasy about being lied to. Why lie?!

“AIBU? A panicky mum? I want to love this nursery. It’s outstanding and in a lovely location and I had a good feel when I first chose it. But why lie?”

Many mums said the poster was being too uptight about the situation, and she needs to relax.

One commented:

“I wouldn’t worry about it op, though I totally get that it leaves a feeling of distrust in your mouth! I suspect it’s because the injury itself was “falling off” and that they had to deal with then girl / her parents separately. I guess some parents can go a little crazy when their child is hurt by another child so nurseries probably have to report neutrally for that reason.”

While another said:

“The thing is, they haven’t lied.

“The injury was caused by the fall from the scooter, and that’s the relevant information to you. What the injury is and what caused it, so that if he develops further symptoms you have the information to give to the doctors.”

Would you have the same reaction if this happened to your child?