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25th Nov 2019

Conscious Christmas Store is the perfect place to buy zero waste toys and gifts

Melissa Carton

A fantastic idea!

More and more family are becoming waste conscious especially when it comes to Christmas.

Every year tons of wrapping paper, packaging and unwanted or broken gifts end up in landfill unable to be recycled.

Plastic waste is something I’ve been trying to cut down on in my home and of the couple of Christmas gifts I’ve bought so far none have been plastic, they’ve all come from small Irish businesses and have been wrapped in fabric knot wraps.

With kids it can be difficult to find a range of gifts suitable for all ages that are zero waste but it’s not impossible as pop ups like The Conscious Christmas Store bring all the environmentally friendly treats you need under one roof.

From books and stationary to wooden toys and games there’s something for everyone at The Conscious Christmas Store.

Located on Fade Street, Dublin 2, not only will you be able to shop all the zero waste shelves but you can also bring your child to visit Plastic-Free Santa this Saturday, November 30.

The wonderful, real-bearded Santa will chat with each child about the real meaning of Christmas – not presents, rather family, together time, and celebration and they will even get to choose one plastic-free toy!

The Conscious Christmas Store is a collaboration between two small Irish businesses, eco-toys and which stocks sustainable lifestyle products.

I’ve been on the lookout for some great plastic free toys to buy my children for Christmas so I think we’ll have to make a trip down to weekend to see Santa and shop their amazing range of eco-friendly gifts.

You can book your time slot to see Santa along with the gift you would like your child to receive by visiting the Jiminy website. Prices for Santa visit vary depending on toy chosen.