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01st May 2020

DiaryZapp, the digital diary for kids to record their daily lives during lockdown

Melissa Carton

Such a brilliant idea!

We’re living through a historical moment and one important thing we should all take a little time to do is document our daily lives right now, especially children.

Creating a time capsule of this moment in time will be something great for them to look back on once it’s all over and this new digital journal will give them a great incentive to do so.

DiaryZapp is an award-winning digital children’s journal developed by a Dorset family, providing a vital connection for families by encouraging children aged four to 11 to spend ten minutes a day being creative and recording their day through writing, drawing, photos and stickers.

As long as Mum or Dad approve, children can share their page with close friends and family so grandparents can receive daily updates from their grandchildren.

I really love this feature and know that my children’s grandparents and great-grandparents would really enjoy getting artwork and messages from my kids each day.

Friends and family are even prompted to encourage children in their learning through positive reinforcement by commenting on the DiaryZapp pages they receive.

DiaryZapp was created by children for children. A brother and sister team, then aged 9 and 10, came up with the app to banish learning-loss over the school summer holidays.

The digital diary encourages children to be creative, keep in touch with wider families and friends during lockdown, whilst also boosting literacy skills in a way that is fun.

Whilst DiaryZapp works on smart phones it is recommended that your children use tablets, where possible for a better creative experience.

DiaryZapp is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Store for a one-off charge of 4.99 with no ads or in-app purchases.