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14th Apr 2020

#entertainingathome : three creative activities to do with kids during the week

Melissa Carton

So much fun.

Keeping the kids entertained during lock down isn’t always easy, especially since a lot of activities like visits to the playground and playdates are off the cards.

I’ve really found myself stretching the limits of my own creativity trying to come up with new things to do with my children during the week and I’m always on the look out foe new ideas.

If you’re looking for some new crafts to add to your activity schedule then you have to check out these three.

1)Mail A Hug

This is a really sweet idea, especially for posting to grandparents.

Simply draw an outline of your child’s outstretched arms on a large sheet of paper, let them colour it in and then cut around the outline for a hug you can send in the mail.

2)Light projectors

While you might want to do some crafting during the day to pass the time with the kids, there’s no reason you can’t have fun at bedtime too.

All you need to make these cool light projectors is some empty toilet roll holders, clingfilm, rubber bands and assorted shapes.

The tutorial uses ready made foam shapes but if you don’t have these you can make your own with paper or cardboard.

3)Magic paper

Personally I think this one is my absolute favourite and I will definitely be giving this a go with my kids.

Using just kitchen roll, markers and some water you can create your very own magic show at home.

All you need to do is draw two pictures on kitchen roll, one with a lot of detail and the other with very little detail. Place the less detailed one on top of the other, hiding it and then place it in a bowl of water.

Then slowly you will see your simple drawing transform into the more detailed one.