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10th Oct 2019

Fancy Fawn is the new Irish ethical clothing range that everyone will want

Melissa Carton

fancy fawns

All the pieces look beautiful.

Mum Kim Berg recently launched her new children’s clothing range, ‘Fancy Fawn’ which uses ethically sourced oeko-tex certified fabrics and encourages parents to buy clothes for children that are made of durable and quality fabrics that will last and can be handed down.

Fancy Fawn’s nine-piece premier collection has been designed by mum of three, who was inspired by Ireland’s wildlife and its landscape.

The new range, which consists of eight dresses and a gender-neutral black sweater with a bear head design on it, is Kim’s first collection.

Her designs began as rough sketches from her kitchen table in Sandymount, Dublin.

The ethos behind the brand is ethical, durable children’s clothing inspired by nature with adorable designs featuring wild animals and flora from the Irish countryside.

Designer Kim Berg is passionate about her new venture, which has been in the works for two years;

“I have always been a creative type, always sketching and drawing, and since I had my first child five years ago, the idea of launching my own children’s fashion label has been a dream of mine. I wanted the clothes to be responsibly made, with low waste, so any leftover material is made into matching hair scrunchies which can be bought on the website for €6.00 each.

I want to encourage people to buy clothes that are sustainably sourced, long lasting pieces, without compromising on style and quality. I have also been very hands on when it comes to production. I worked with a team that specialises in fashion start-ups. These clothes are ethically made with oeko-tex certified fabrics that will endure the wear and tear, slow fashion so to speak, that will take kids from playground to party.”

fancy fawns

Scandi brands like Mini Rodini and Lili & Leopold have shot up in popularity in Ireland for their high quality fabrics and distinctive designs and I often wondered why Ireland didn’t have their own children’s brands.

I personally love the colours and designs used in the Fancy Fawn dresses and sweaters as they are unique and something completely different from what is on the high street.

The eight styles from the premier Fancy Fawn collection consists of several dresses in an array of colours with a wildlife pattern, as well as one unisex sweater.

The technique used to design the patterns on the garments was with a series of stencils, with the ink distributed to the desired area by being pressed through a porous screen, hence dubbed “screen printing”.

This technique is also known as silkscreen printing. The result is delicate landscape scenes with designs like “Fox and Bluebell” and “Hare and Golden Samphire”.

The age range goes from 18 months up to eight years with prices starting from as little as a fiver.

All dresses are priced at €35, with sweaters priced €25 and scrunchies costing €5.

The collection is available to buy online now at and items will be delivered in stylish yet sustainable and eco-friendly biodegradable packaging.