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04th Aug 2022

How to: Calculate how tall your children will be

Melissa Carton

Have you tried this?

You know the way we all sat in math class in school wondering when we were going to use most of it in real life?

Well apparently you can determine the height your child is going to grow up to be using a little bit of adding and division and we are curious to know if it really works…

So how does it work exactly?

Well apparently if you calculate the mother and father’s height in inches and add them together and then add five inches for a boy or subtract five inches for a girl and divide the remaining number by two you can figure out how tall your future child will be.

For a visual representation I’m going to try it on and see if I can figure out how tall my son will be.

I’m five foot three inches which is 63 inches and my husband is six foot five inches which is 78 inches.

63 + 78 = 143 inches
143 + 5 inches for a boy = 148
148 divided by 2 = 74 inches

So according to this equation my son will be 74 inches or approximately six foot one inch in height.

Now other things will always factor in when it comes to how tall our children grow to be, especially nutrition.

Nutrition can play a huge role in how we grow as children and how our bodies develop into adutlhood.

Genetics are also a big factor too.

If I was just to go off the equation it would imply that my son will be shorter than his father (who is similar to my son having a short mother and tall father).

Genetically wise this doesn’t seem to be the case in my husband’s family as most of the sons and sometimes daughters, grow taller than their fathers.

I guess the only tried and true way is to try it with our adult children’s heights or try it out on ourselves and see if it really works.