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24th May 2021

The Little Green Detangler range is a must have if your child has curly hair

Melissa Carton

An absolute curly hair must have!

My daughter has curly hair that is very prone to knots and tangles, so I’m always on the look out for good detangling products.

That being said I also want something that will be sensitive on her scalp.

Little Green recently launched in Ireland and is a range that uses delicate formulas that are gentle for babies and children and kind to the environment they will grow up in.

The range is developed for sensitive skin and is vegan, hypoallergenic, clinically and dermatologically tested. It’s proudly allergen, paraben, sulphate and gluten-free.

Little Green was created by Carmen DePasquale, a former hairdresser, who has worked in the beauty industry for over 45 years and wanted to give children a product that really works;

“I’ve been inspired by beauty all my life. From creating a world-renowned salon and spa to designing and developing superlative collections for hair, skin and cosmetics that address the different issues across different lifestyles. As a grandfather of 12, I have seen my grandkids struggle with troublesome allergies and delicate skin conditions and committed my expertise and experience to coming up with the solutions. I researched the top selling brands that specifically cater to babies and children and established – to my disappointment – that their claims were not substantiated by the evidence. This became my inspiration for Little Green. I was determined to create a collection of products that lived up to its claims: safe, gentle and pure. Hypoallergenic formulas, free of parabens, sulphates and allergens. Each product is clinically and dermatologically tested and verified and that’s the process that has brought Little Green Baby and Kids to life.”

The Little Green Baby range comprises three products: Shampoo & Body Wash (240ml €12.95/£12.35); Nourishing Body Lotion (180ml €12.95/£12.35) and Soothing Balm (0.45oz/13g €9.90 /£9.50).

The Little Green Kids range on the other comprises seven products, also: Shampoo & Body Wash (240ml €12.95/£12.35); Nourishing Body Lotion (180ml €12.95 /£12.35); Ultra Gentle Bubble Bath (240ml €12.95/£11.90); Conditioning Hair Detangler (240ml €12.95/£12.35); Conditioning Rinse Super Detangler (180ml €12.95/ £11.90), Detangling Shampoo (240ml €12.95/ £11.90) and Curly Hair Cream (125ml €9.90/£9.50).